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enable the body to regain its inner balance

Sara Lasham


Reiki is one of the most ancient healing methods known to mankind. Reiki is a simple and powerful system of natural healing, treating mind, body and spirit. It's origins are in Tibet and it was rediscovered by a Japanese monk in the 1870's.

Reiki is a universal life-force energy promoting an increase in energy to balance and harmonise, helping to boost the body's own healing systems.

When there is imbalance is these energies, there is potential for illness. In a balanced state the individual has the potential for self-healing. Reiki passes from giver to receiver, working on many different levels. It brings all aspects of the receivers being into harmonious balance according to their individual needs and desires.

A treatment lasts for approx. 45 minutes. the client is treated fully clothed whist the practitioner gently rests her hands on the body for a few minutes allowing the energy to flow in positions starting from the head and covering the body.

The treatment is very safe with the client feeling relaxed and perhaps a sensation of warmth and tingling as the energy balances in the body. Stress is released and deep relaxation is obtained.

Reiki is a holistic treatment, therefore the cause of the problem is treated, not necessarily the presented physical condition.

This therapy does not interfere with any other medication and compliments other healing methods.


(Prices shown are starting from & are in consultation with your therapist)

Reiki Healing £40-00

*N.B. There will be a Cancellation Charge of £10 imposed, for less than 24 hours notice, unless agreed with your therapist.

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