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Ear Candles

gentle alternative to ear and sinus problems

Phillipa Drew


Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candles)

An ancient remedy used by many cultures throughout the world:

This practice is again gaining popularity throughout the world because it is gentle, soothing, painless and effective.

Ear candling is a gentle, non-intrusive treatment for:

How do they work?

The candles, made from pure cotton and beeswax, are hollow, so the gentle warmth of the candle stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, thus aiding the body's own auto immunity.

The heat of the flame creates a gentle vacuum which then draws wax and other secretions and debris into the hollow candle for quick, easy disposal.

The process is totally painless and clients will only feel a warm sensation in the ears.


(Prices shown are starting from & are in consultation with your therapist)

1 session £40-00

Also by Phillippa:

*N.B. There will be a Cancellation Charge of £10 imposed, for less than 24 hours notice, unless agreed with your therapist.

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