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Aromatherapy - Philippa

calm your mind, body and soul

Philippa Drew

ITEC Anatomy & Physiology

The therapeutic use of Essential Oils. A truly holistic therapy ~ balancing, calming and healing to mind, body and soul. Aromatherapy massage is carried out using an individual blend of essential oils, blended for you and your specific needs. The oil is absorbed through the skin and distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream.

Essential oils are selected to calm, relax, uplift or stimulate. Inhalation of the oils also enhances their use during massage, giving a sense of well being.

The immune system is improved and respiratory system is aided. Deep relaxation is experienced, which we all need in our stressful world today ~ to cope with what life puts our way.

Helps with a range of problems, aches and pains. Helps skin problems.


(Prices shown are starting from & are in consultation with your therapist)

Aromatherapy ~ full body £48-00
Aromatherapy ~ full body & facial £52-00
Aromatherapy ~ neck / shoulders / back £40-00
Aromatherapy ~ facial / arms / hand £40-00

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*N.B. There will be a Cancellation Charge of £10 imposed, for less than 24 hours notice, unless agreed with your therapist.

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